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If you have recently received a traffic ticket, you may be feeling frustrated and unsure of how to fight it. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to potentially contest the ticket and avoid paying the fines. The video below provides three useful tips on how to approach this situation and give yourself a better chance of successfully fighting the ticket.

Tickets We Help With

Careless Driving

Careless driving tickets are usually issued when there has been an accident and people are often charged without the police knowing all the facts. This ticket can be costly in terms of fines, increased insurance premiums, demerits, and ancillary lawsuits.


The act of driving a vehicle at a speed that exceeds the posted speed limit or the speed that is safe and reasonable for the conditions. Speed is often captured by a radar device which must be properly maintained and used by an operator. We ensure this is done.

Hit and Run

A type of traffic accident in which the driver of a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, or property and then leaves the scene of the accident without stopping to provide identification or assistance. Like careless driving, hit and run offences are financially costly and significantly increase your demerit count.

Commercial Violations

Traffic violations that are committed by drivers of commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and delivery vehicles. These violations can include speeding, reckless driving, and failing to follow traffic laws. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard of safety due to the size and weight of their vehicles, and they may face stricter penalties for traffic violations.

Distracted Driving

 Refers to the act of operating a vehicle while engaging in activities that take a driver's attention away from the road. This can include activities such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, or applying makeup. Distracted driving can increase the risk of accidents and injuries, and it is often punished with fines and points on a driver's license.

Failure to Stop

A traffic violation that occurs when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or traffic signal, or when they fail to yield to pedestrians or other vehicles as required by law. This can be a dangerous offense, as it can lead to accidents and injuries. In many jurisdictions, failure to stop is punished with fines and points on a driver's license.

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Common Questions About Traffic Tickets

There was no posted sign, can I be found guilty?

Yes! Unless otherwise stated, in Alberta, 100 km/h is the posted speed limit on provincial highways located outside urban areas, 80 km/h if the highway is located inside city limits; 80 km/h for rural roadways and 50 km/h on urban roadways.

Can I fight my ticket if I missed my court date?

Yes. If you have a reasonable excuse as to why you missed a court day, you can appeal a conviction or have it set aside within 30 days of the missed court day.

My name is spelt wrong on the ticket. Will I win?

Probably not. Some errors on the face of a ticket can invalidate a ticket but a wrong name spelling is correctable.

If the police officer doesn’t show up for court, will I win my case?

That depends on the reason why the officer didn’t show. If the Crown failed to subpoena the officer then they are guilty of laches (negligence) and the charge should be dismissed. If the officer cannot attend for genuine illness or other emergency, then a new date may be scheduled.

How many points do I need to accumulate before I lose my license?

Graduate License – 8 or more in a 2-year period.

Full License – 15 or more in a 2-year period.

Do accumulated demerit points ever get subtracted?

Yes. Points will be removed from your record after two years have elapsed from the date of the conviction.

Do I need to attend court?

That depends on the type of ticket you are charged with. If a court appearance is required and you don’t show up, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Rory Ziv

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Rory Ziv is a well-qualified and highly experienced criminal lawyer. He was born and raised in Cape Town, a beautiful city at the southern tip of Africa, in a country divided along racial and social lines. Through observing conflict between people and their government, he grew to realize that he wanted to fight for fairness, truth and justice. With him, it’s personal!

He obtained a Psychology Degree, with honours, from the University of British Columbia and his law degree from the University of Alberta. He fell in love with Edmonton and trained at a prominent impaired driving and criminal defence law firm.

As Rory’s practice has evolved, he now conducts some of the most serious cases, including murder, complex sexual assaults, drug crimes, and dangerous offender applications. Rory still has a keen interest in impaired driving law and carries a large caseload in this area. In fact, many of his reported decisions are on this topic.

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We Take Traffic Tickets Seriously.

Facing a traffic ticket is often overwhelming. It can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life and is often unexpected and confusing. At times, you may feel as if no one is on your side. We can help.

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